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Young Researchers

BIC / Boreskov Institute of Catalysis

The Boreskov Institute of Catalysis of the Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences is a largest in the world specialized institute working in this field. The institute carries out fundamental and applied studies practically in all field of catalysis: structural and mechanistic characterization, Chemistry of catalyst preparation, kinetic studies of catalytic processes, development and commercialization of new industrial catalysts and processes. Sophisticated instrumentation for in situ analytical control of catalyst state and reaction mixture composition, including instrumentation for adsorption, kinetic, structural and spectral studies are available at the Institute. All this allows to obtain within short time intervals unique combination of data about composition of new materials, elucidate structure of active centres, detailed reaction kinetics and mechanisms.

Description of the laboratory contributing to the execution of the project

Laboratory of Deep oxidation catalysts headed by Prof. V. Sadykov in collaboration with other laboratories of BIC within frames of several National and International Projects is actively involved in design of catalysts for transformation of hydrocarbons and oxygenates into syngas in different devices, design of oxygen separation membranes  as well as elucidation basic parameters of respective processes and their modelling.


Role of BIC in the OCMOL project

BIC will develop new RM catalysts based upon fluorite-like ceria-zirconia solid solutions doped by Pr, Sm, La with supported Ni-based alloy nanoparticles.
Besides, BIC will design supported asymmetric membranes for oxygen separation.
BIC will work in close collaboration with IRCE in this coating of various micro-structured metallic substrates for RM catalysts.
BIC will perform kinetic measurements in RM for the most promising catalytic composition.