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Young Researchers

BTS / Bayer Technology Services GmbH

Within the Bayer Group, Bayer Technology Services (BTS) is one out of three service companies, which perform central service functions. These services are available primarily to other units of the Bayer Group, but also to external customers. BTS is the ideal partner for delivering technical solutions and services along the whole life-cycle of processes, plants and products. BTS can point to a track record of over 2 billion Euros total investment volume annually. BTS serves the following industries: Health Care, Crop Science, Material Science / Polymers, Chemicals and other Process Industries.

BTS provides: Complete technology solutions such as biomass conversion, chlorine/electrolysis, environmental protection technology; Engineering contracting for e.g. chemical processes, healthcare processes, polymer processes; Single products; Technology platforms for synthesis, catalysis, biotechnology, nanotechnology, in-silico technologies, process synthesis, process management systems, product design, and unit operations.


Description of the department contributing to the execution of the project

Within BTS, the competence centre for Reaction Engineering & Catalysis (REC) draws on its many years of experience in developing and optimizing reaction technology for converting gases, liquids and solids. As services REC provides concept studies, feasibility studies, process development on laboratory and pilot plant scale, process optimization, debottlenecking, troubleshooting in the event of operating problems.

The development of new and innovative processes and the optimization of existing processes with respect to reaction engineering form a focus of the work. REC has access to extensive experimental facilities in laboratories and pilot plants. The experimental options are rounded off by state-of the-art process analysis. The state-of-the-art process engineering simulation tools enable acceleration and streamlining of the development process. This use of process engineering simulation software combined with experimental work allows REC to gain an in-depth understanding of the mechanisms of the process investigated.


Role of BTS in the OCMOL project

BTS will lead the sub-project dedicated to OCM and RM.
BTS will work on a numerical simulation on structured multiple fixed-bed with integrated heat-exchangers reactor concept.
BTS will also give some reaction engineering inputs for the OCM and RM reactor development.
Moreover, BTS, as major process engineering company for OCM reactions, will host and run the OCM and RM industrial demonstrator.


People involved :

Dr. Emanuel Kockrick

Date of birth:  July, 1st 1981 in Bad Muskau (Germany)
Working experience:
Since 01.2011 : Research manager (R&D) at Bayer Technology Services GmbH 
09/2009-12/2010 : Post Doc, IRCELYON (France)
PhD thesis:
07/2006-08/2009 : PhD, Dresden University of Technology (Germany) „Magnetic and catalytic functionalized mesoporous materials“ 
Diploma study:
09/2001-06/2006 : Diploma thesis, Dresden University of Technology (Germany), “Synthesis and characterization of FePt nanoparticles within mesoporous oxides”
09/1992-06/2000 : Lessing Gymnasium Hoyerswerda (Germany)


Alexander Karpenko

Place of birth : 22. Mai 1980 in Arzamas, USSR (Russia)
Working experience:
Since 04.2008 : Research manager (R&D) at Bayer Technology Services GmbH 
01/2008-12/2008 : PostDoc, University of Ulm
01/2004-12/2007 : PhD, University of Ulm „Investigation of low temperature water-gas-shift reaction on Au/CeO2 catalysts“
09/2001-06/2003 : Master thesis, University of Nizhnij Nowgorod (Russia), Department of Physical Chemistry: „Heterogeneous catalytic oxidation of propylene with air on Pd/Pt-based catalysts“
09/1997-06/2001 : Bachelor thesis, University of Nizhnij Nowgorod (Russia), Department of Physical Chemistry: „Mechanistic investigations of (C5H5)2WH2 oxidation with molecular oxygen“
09/1986-06/1997 state school in Arzamas, Russia