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Young Researchers

CEPSA / Compañía Española de Petróleos S.A

Cepsa is the second largest Spanish Oil Company .The main activities are the Exploration and Production of Oil and Natural Gas, Oil Refining. They are involved in petrochemistry, distribution and marketing of fuels and petrochemical products


Description of the department contributing to the execution of the project

The Cepsa Research Center has 52 employees and the main activity is to support the production units of the company. Their objectives are to improve the existing processes and look for new processes and /or products. They are actives in the research of new catalysts in the refining and petrochemical area.


Role of CEPSA in the OCMOL project

CEPSA will lead the sub-project dedicated to oligomerization.
CEPSA, as a leading oil company, will build and run the oligomerization demonstrator.
CEPSA will also be involved in process engineering and economic evaluation of the OCMOL process.


People involved :


Date of birth: August the 2nd 1979
Place of birth: Madrid (Spain)


Apr-2008 / Today : Senior Researcher – Refining and Petrochemistry Department /CEPSA´s R&D Center, Alcalá de Henares (Madrid, Spain) 
Apr 2005 /Apr 2008 : Junior Researcher - R&D Department / PETRESA (CEPSA QUIMICA), Refinery “Gibraltar”, (San Roque, Spain) 
Feb 2004 / Mar 2005 : Scholar  Researcher (REPSOL-CSIC, I3P Grant) /  Project: “Propylene epoxidation via heterogeneous processes” / Instituto Tecnología Química (UPV-CSIC), (Valencia, Spain) 
Sept 2003 / Jan 2004 : Scholar Researcher (Spanish Ministry of Public Works, Ministry Grant) / Project: “Quality control of public works equipments” / CEDEX Central Laboratory, (Madrid, Spain) 
May 2003 /Sept 2003 : Scholar Researcher (Universidad Complutense de Madrid, UCM Grant) / Project: “CVOC´s Abatement by heterogeneous catalysis”/ Chemical Engineering Department, UCM (Madrid, Spain)


Sept 2005 / May 2008 : Master on Industrial Safety /Academic Consultant ASIMAG 
Oct 2003 / Nov 2003 : 3rd Environmental Management Cycle ENRESA-IBERDROLA / (“Geological energy resources”, “Renewable energies”, “Environmental Microbiology”) / Faculties of Pharmacy and Geological Sciences, UCM (Madrid, Spain) 
Sept 1997 / Sept 2003 : Degree and Master on Chemical Engineering / Faculty of Chemistry, Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Madrid, Spain) / 20 Subjects with Distinction