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Young Researchers

JM / Johnson Matthey plc

Johnson Matthey, plc is a speciality chemical company with core skills in precious metals, catalysts and speciality chemicals. Johnson Matthey’s corporate research laboratory, JMTC, is based in Sonning Common, Oxfordshire, UK. JMTC is equipped with world-class research and analytical facilities and has a diverse project portfolio looking at autocatalysts, liquid and gas phase catalysts for chemical transformations, fuel cells, materials, hydrogen, modelling and engineering.  The project will be based in the Gas Phase Catalysis Department, which is one of the largest research departments with 34 scientists and engineers, and is focussed on three main research areas:


  • Environmental Catalysts and Technologies, which mainly deals with Catalytic Soot Filters and Auto catalysts for Petrol and Diesel Cars.
  • Process Catalysts and Technologies deals with chemicals synthesised via catalysis in the gas phase and liquid phase. Production and characterisation of Nanomaterials and catalysts. Ammonia, methanol, oil and gas technologies i.e. reforming, gas to liquid, gas purification etc. Alkane activation.
  • Catalyst coatings.  In particular focussing on coating technologies for autocatalyst applications and chemical applications.


Role of JM in the OCMOL project

JM will lead the sub-project dedicated to toolkit material and reactor design.
JM will be develop, prepare and test novel catalysts for OCM.
JM will also look in more details at the reaction conditions in order to optimize methane conversion and ethane selectivity.