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LE / LINDE AG Linde Engineering Division

The Linde Group is a world leading industrial gas and engineering company with more than 51,000 employees working in about 70 countries. The Headquarter of the Linde Group is located in Munich/ Germany. After the acquisition of the BOC group in 2006, they achieved gas and engineering related sales of €12.4 billion.


Description of the division contributing to the execution of the project

The project relevant division is Linde Engineering (LE):
Linde Engineering (LE) focuses on promising market segments such as hydrogen and synthesis gas, air separation, olefin plants and natural gas processing plants. Linde Engineering has extensive process engineering know-how in planning, project development and construction of turnkey industrial plants. One of the major products of Linde
Engineering are petrochemical especially olefins producing plants. LE is one of the largest engineering companies of the world for steam crackers and always active in the development of new technologies in this application range.
The LE R&D department is well equipped with laboratories for physical and chemical measurements and analytics. Bench scale units especially for steam cracking and alternative olefin production or down stream processes are available as well as specialists for the construction of pilot plants.


Role of LE in the OCMOL project:

LE will lead the sub-project dedicated to process engineering, life cycle analysis and economic evaluation of the OCMOL process.


People involved :

Dr. Nicole Schödel

Dr. Nicole Schödel is Head of Chemical Development and Services within Linde Engineering. She joined Linde in 1989 as a research chemist. After a temporary employment abroad in 1992, she worked from 1993 to 2005 as Senior R&D Project Manager in the field of catalytic process development for petrochemical and syngas applications. Nicole holds a Ph.D. in Technical Chemistry from the Technical University of Munich, Germany.