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Young Researchers


SINTEF is the largest independent research organisation in Scandinavia and one of the largest of its kind in Europe, with over 2100 people and an annual turnover of about 300 m€, mainly originating from bilateral industrial research contracts and participation in European or National research projects


Description of the department contributing to the execution of the project

The Departments of Hydrocarbon Process Chemistry and Energy conversion and Materials have extensive experience in the development of materials for application as adsorbents and membranes for gas separation and storage. Both departments have significant research and development activities in areas relevant to CO2 separation and capture as well as hydrocarbon separation. These activities involve preparation and characterisation of novel materials including microporous materials, ceramic, oxides, hybrid systems, thin film. SINTEF has well equipped laboratories and experienced personnel for research on high temperature reactors and materials, characterisation of materials. In the field of inorganic membranes the research activities are development of inorganic membranes (porous ceramic, solid electrolytes and Pd-membranes), testing of commercial inorganic membranes for customer designed process optimisation, and membrane reactors.


Role of SINTEF in the OCMOL project

SINTEF will synthesise and characterise of novel porous systems. SINTEF will also work in close collaboration with ENI on the development and implementation of the separation units’ demonstrators.