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Young Researchers


Commitment to catalysis

Haldor Topsoe’s technologies and catalysts are used around the world creating a better environment - in the refining industry ensuring cleaner fuels, for cleaning power industry flue gasses and reducing emission from heavy duty vehicles. In chemical plants catalysts and processes optimise resources and ensure highly efficient energy processes.


Research - technology – catalysts

The synergy between research and development, process design, engineering, catalyst production and sales form the basis of the continuous optimisation of our catalysts and technologies.

Topsøe’s leading position is based on almost 70 year’s dedication to heterogeneous catalysis. The business is based on three tiers: research, catalysts and technologies. Topsøe’s catalysts and technologies are continuously developed and optimised, ensuring an essential synergy between research, engineering, production and sales.

A dedicated R&D effort ensures that our products are on the cutting edge, and it is a priority to sustain long-term research efforts to uncover new products, processes and markets.


Our commitment to energy solutions

A number of Topsoe’s catalysts and technologies actively contribute to solving the world’s environmental and climate challenges.

Using Topsoe’s TIGAS technology it is possible to convert biomass to transportation fuel – the biomass is converted into synthesis gas, which is then converted into transportation fuel using the TIGAS process.

In Piteå in Northern Sweden, Topsoe is involved in a project producing DME from black liquor – a waste product from paper production. DME is a very clean alternative fuel, and the pilot plant will produce about 5 tonnes of DME a day.