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Young Researchers

UIO / Universitetet I Oslo

The University of Oslo is Norway’s largest and oldest institution of higher education (founded 1811). It consists of eight faculties and has approximately 30,000 students. The University of Oslo was recently ranked as the 5th best University in Europe (Webometrics, July 2008).


Description of the department contributing to the execution of the project

The Department of Chemistry has a permanent staff of 37 professors and 14 technicians, and is divided into two sections: “Life sciences chemistry” and “Functional materials chemistry”. The Department takes part in interdisciplinary centres like the Centre for Material Science and Nanotechnology (SMN), Centre for Accelerator-based Research (SAFE) and the Micro-Nano-laboratory (MinA).


Role of UIO in the OCMOL project

UIO will be involved in the synthesis, characterisation and testing of acidic, microporous materials (i.e. zeolite, zeotype) for the conversion of oxygenates into low-aromatic gasoline.


People involved

Pr. Unni Olsbye

1. Personal data

Position : Professor, Managing Director inGAP, Dept. of Chemistry, University of Oslo
Date of birth : March 9, 1964
Nationality : Norwegian
Civil status : Married. Two children, born 1993 and 1995.


2. Employment history

2007- : Professor, Managing Director inGAP, Dept. of Chemistry, University of Oslo
2002- : Professor, Dept. of Chemistry, University of Oslo
2001-2002 : Associate professor, Dept. of Chemistry, University of Oslo
2000-2001 : R&D Manager, NORDOX Industrier AS
1993-2000 : Senior Scientist and Leader of Petrochemistry Group, Dept. of Hydrocarbon Process Chemistry, SINTEF. From July 1996 Deputy Department Manager.
1991-1992 : Research Scientist, Senter for Industriforskning (SI) (later SINTEF) Dept. of Hydrocarbon Process Chemistry
1988-1990 : Ph.D. student, Elf Aquitaine Norge A/S, working in Elf Aquitaine’s R&D centre in Lacq, France


3. Education

1991 :Dr. Scient., Organic Chemistry, University of Oslo (UiO)  Thesis title: “A study of the oxidative coupling of methane to higher hydrocarbons over solid catalysts “.
1988 : "Pedagogisk Seminar for Sivilingeniører”, NTH, Trondheim
1987 : Sivilingeniør (MSc), Industrial Chemistry, NTH, Trondheim 


4. Research activity

Keywords :  Natural gas conversion, heterogeneous catalysis, site  activity/selectivity correlations
Publications : 76 scientific papers, 2 book chapters, 8 patents, 14 invited lectures
H-index : 23


5. Student supervision

12 PhD students
8 MSc students
3 guest students