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Young Researchers

SP6 - Toolkit for material and reactor design

The design and building of a number of different reactors for testing of OCM catalysts, testing of ethylene oligomerization catalysts and the measuring of reaction kinetics, including a novel NMR reactor, were achieved, see Figure 8 to Figure 11.

Figure 8: Rig built by JM for high-throughput testing of OCM catalysts
Figure 9: Rig built by CSIC-ITQ comprising a bench scale fixed-bed reactor and associated analytics for ethylene oligomerization experiments.
Figure 10: a) Rig built by RUB for kinetic investigations on the OCM reaction. b) Scheme of hotbox with silicosteelTM tubing. c) Reactor in a split tube furnace with flexible gas stream hoses.
Figure 11: Rig built by UGENT for intrinsic kinetics measurements.

The formation of microkinetic models to aid the other technical SP’s was included. Selection of standard catalysts for other SP’s, as well as their large scale preparation and forming by innovative coating methods was incorporated into this area of the project. It also includes the realisation of two microstructured laboratory prototype reactors allowing the combination of the exothermic OCM and endothermic dry reforming reactions at a quasi auto-thermal regime with staged oxygen dosing. Investigations in to separation materials were also involved.


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